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    While Dagon was grumbling, Professor Dongdong came back. He was the first group of magic teachers to return from the academy, and Xi Luoai was not among them. Dagon notices that none of the four returning magic teachers this time are elves, and they happen to be all non-elf wizards who have come to help. In other words, Professor Dongdong's return is not necessarily related to the progress of the mission, but because of the bloodline.

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    Chi Ningbao rushed in to move the mirror, but Qu Jingsi stopped him with a fan.

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    Zhuang Nanxing said: "Put it in water to keep it fresh, tomorrow when everyone comes to eat."

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    As a mother, she is terribly unqualified.

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    At this time, the dining table was filled with the smell of silver, no one didn't like it.

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    Tu Ngoc So stood outside the door looking at Trang Bach, feeling a bit sad. He only had one older brother. His older brother always came and went without a trace. Even if he wrote a letter, he didn't know who to write to.

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    After that, he became Trang Nam Tinh's little disciple, following several people in the yard back and forth, but no one felt bothered, Trang Nam Tinh even had a smile on his face.

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    You haven't kissed me these past few days, why?

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    Finally being carried again, Trang Nam Hanh directly wiped his body and tucked him into the bed. Tri Ninh Bao discovered that the mattress had just been changed.

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    He knew that Zhuang Nanxing would not treat him badly, but he would still be touched by his family's love.

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    Earth movement technique, character "Yong".

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    The two of you followed Zhuang Nanxing, you talked to her, discussed the menu in their restaurant.

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    If discovered... Chi Ningbao didn't dare to think about whether he would kill him or not.

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    am Dagon Olisen, my biological father is Egg Neil, and my biological mother is Esther Rabo. Their marriage was witnessed by God Aoli, which also made me the next lord of Jiangu City after my biological father. Your parents wanted to put me to death, but I narrowly escaped to this place. Dagon looked at his tied mother, worried in his heart, but did not dare to show it, trying to suppress a calm tone and said: "Aoli witnessed, I don't have the only lie."

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    Outside there were people coming and going, the sounds of Trang Bach and Duong Ky and their relatives greeting could still be heard, everyone was smiling brightly.

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    Go away, you dwarf spy! The golden finger raised the machete and shook it, saying: "Can you stand my knife? Go away, don't waste my good intentions!"

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    When Chi Ningbao wanted to persuade him again, Zhuang Nanxing called someone out.

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    The Trang family returned to the country, Tu Du followed the Thuc family back to the village, there were still many things that were not clear, they were not in a hurry today.

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    Zhuang Nanxing came and rolled up his sleeves to help, but Chi Ningbao refused, he wanted to come himself and just arranged for Zhuang Nanxing to wash the beans and potatoes, peel them, and pick vegetables.

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    Bart nodded and ran out with the notebook in his pocket. Sarri smiled and said: "Dagon, you are really interesting. Tormund is your father, you ask him if he can do well? He will definitely do well. When he turns around, he will find an opportunity to beat your ass -" Did anyone say that?"