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    Three bombers circled the battlefield and carefully identified them. The submarine chasers were most likely aided by the Soviet Union to China, and their appearance would cause great trouble for Japanese domination in China. But this was clearly not the main concern of the command, and the order was repeated: "Sink them!"

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    The airport commander looked at these four bombers destroying the runway, his eyes red, holding the microphone and shouting: "I don't care what method you use, even if people and planes collide, those This bomber will also be destroyed. was killed. I hit it, immediately! Right away!"

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    Mr. Lin still appeared indifferent: "Since the battle of Suiyuan, our armored forces have not used armor-piercing bullets. It can be said that the Japanese Douding tank has given us confidence.. Faced with an opponent that can be defeated even without using armor-piercing bullets, you cannot be confident.

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    Sophie glanced at the patch and smiled brightly: "It's okay, it's just a little torn, Bubu is a beautiful dress, there's no need to buy a new one, the food you save can save lives." !”

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    Chen Jianfeng said: "The retired ones are almost completed, but there are still many unretired ones! The 59-1 alone has more than 1,300 units. Lolicon says that if you are interested, they have In the next few years, all 59 of these guns will be converted into 57mm self-propelled anti-aircraft guns for you. The military is also very interested in this project. If you continue to cooperate, you can enjoy a lot. endow!"

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    Lavrov did not think about it: "Support them, help them, open your heart to them, be their best friend, do not conflict with them over territorial disputes, and even return Tuva to them when necessary, to maintain friendship between China and the Soviet Union."

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    After negotiating with Lolicon, Chen Jianfeng pulled the boy straight towards Cheng Fei, not letting him take a breath.

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    The head of state almost completely lost interest in this fighter: "What can 450 bullets do? Such a large fighter can only carry so many bullets. There is a problem with the designer's mind." What? Who's the idiot who built it? I want to Throw them out to feed Stalin!" Walked around the fighter plane a few times, pointing: "Here could be a bomb, here there is can be hung, here, here, here can also be hung... Aha, as long as it has been modified One click, it can carry at least a dozen bombs!"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Don't praise her anymore, she is very brave, if you praise her anymore, her tail will go up in the air!" After drinking a few sips of water, staring at Sophie, she discovered that she had lost a lot of weight, and couldn't help but feel a little heartbroken: "You've suffered a lot during this time, right? You've lost a lot of weight." so."

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    The grenade regiment quickly moved into the position of the mechanized infantry battalion. The mechanized infantry battalion remained absolutely silent, not even daring to make radio contact with the regimental commander. Under the regimental commander's strict orders, not a single German soldier hid in the olive grove but continued to retreat despite the bullets whistling from behind. Everyone knows that hiding here is a dead end. If you search casually, you will find British soldiers. If you don't want to die, run away!

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    Xue Jianqiang went over and opened a box, and sure enough, he saw several carefully placed jade items inside. These jade items were all carved from high-quality jade, without any ax marks. Extremely sophisticated and lifelike. jade, I just felt that it was great at the beginning, the rage and violence caused by killing disappeared, and my mentality gradually became peaceful. Jade is the type with the highest ability to cultivate popularity. In Asian culture, it is not without reason that jade has such a high status. I opened another box of emeralds, my dear, they are all the best things that money cannot buy! For example, a necklace of emeralds, a total of thirty-six pieces, elegant light blue, beads as big as longan beads, transparent as crystal, so luxurious that 60 million auctioneers would be embarrassed. Shame on you and resign! He was amazed: "Wow, they're all national treasures. These wild boars are really good at finding them!"

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    At this moment, everyone's faces changed. The US-China Joint Air Force is Japan's confidant. To date, more than half of the bombing of mainland Japan has been carried out by the US-China Joint Air Force, by because the US military has yet to have an ideal platform in the Pacific Ocean for their power US bombers take off and land. After bombing Japan, US bombers flew to China, landed at a Chinese air base, and flew to bomb Japan again when they saw an opportunity. In general, the current US Air Force bombing force on the Japanese mainland is not very strong, each bombing comes at a high price, the most important thing is that those strategic bombers cannot have enough fuel and ammunition in China, so they wanted to launch a very difficult bombing raid. But now that China has enough fuel supply capacity to the United States, the US military's bombing of the Japanese mainland must be strongly increased, I am afraid that Japan's life will become more and more difficult !

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    He tried to keep his voice calm: "I need to see that bomber with my own eyes! If such a bomber really exists, I will report it to comrade Stalin, I think comrade Stalin will care... No, I need you or Anyone of the 186 will go to the Soviet Union with me and tell comrade Stalin frankly, I cannot decide on such a big event!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: “Change it into a gunboat like the AC-47… Well, it is to put two six-barrel rotating heavy machine guns, put some missile nest racks or aerial bomb racks, so that it can carry 24,000 The capacity can reach 30,000 machine gun rounds and one ton of aerial bombs.”

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    Rondo was stunned: "Your battalion... is capable of attacking two British brigades?"

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    Therefore, Head of Shift No. 1 also implemented activities at the meeting. The countermeasure he devised was to divide the heavy army into two groups and simultaneously launch attacks from two directions. The first route was the main force of the 43rd Army, the 1st and 2nd Armored Brigades and the 7th Heavy Artillery Brigade, armed with 120 Type 80 guns and 24 Type 130 guns, along with 24 Type 90 203mm self-propelled gun. crossed the Yellow River, joined forces with the 128th infantry division that was following Linfen, and swept the Jinzhong basin from north to south. This road avoids steep mountains, the Jinzhong basin is 30 to 40 km wide and more than 150 km long, and can fully utilize the army's effectiveness. This is the most ideal advance route. The second line includes the 139th Infantry Division, the Red Eagle Brigade, the 4th and 5th Armored Brigades. The Brigade and the 5th Armored Brigade coordinated with Chahar area guerrillas to attack Hoai An and Truong North, threatening the Japanese army's front command post; Shuozhou, then enter Xinzhou through Ningwuguan, and go straight to the back of Taiyuan. This bold plan was reflected in his way of using troops: flexible maneuvering, taking large detours, never staying with the enemy, using superior force to find a major breakthrough in the enemy's weak position, forcing The enemy must leave their fortified strongholds and fight on the ground. himself, or retreat into the fortifications and relinquish the initiative. This tactic is quite similar to the deep breakthrough of the Soviet army, but it is much more ingenious than the Soviet army's method of blindly massing troops and equipment for attack and defense, if this plan is carried out. If done smoothly, the Japanese army in Thai Nguyen could basically be destroyed and sentenced to death.

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    Xue Jianqiang asked: "I bought a few of these before and after trying them out, I found them not bad. I want to buy more. How much is it?"

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    Lavrov looked at Stalin and said solemnly: "Comrade Stalin, I would like to ask for permission to organize several geological exploration teams to conduct the most comprehensive exploration of oil and gas resources in the Tyumen region. I will lead the team myself." This!"

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    Within days, the base issued operational orders No. 2, preparing to deploy eight divisions from the 11th Army, 12th Army, and 1st Army to attack the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia basin. In addition, the 13th Army will also mobilize more than three divisions to prepare to launch an attack on the Tan Tu Army in northern Jiangsu and the Lianghuai area. The Guandong Army will mobilize two brigades for the Mengjiang army, preparing attacked Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Basin from Inner Mongolia. Counting on one hand, the number of troops used in the second battle was no less than 300,000, almost another battle of Henan, Hunan and Guangxi. The worst thing is that the traffic in Northwest China is much worse than North China, China and South China, North China and China still have some railways and roads, and there are mountains in In the northwest, not to mention the railway, there are not many roads. There is the Yellow River running across, crossing the river is extremely difficult! So after receiving the order, the 11 troops, 12 troops, 1 army and Manh Giang army all cried out. It's not that the Japanese army never tried to attack the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia basin. They attacked Yulin twice, but due to unfavorable terrain and difficulty using troops, they were quickly beaten back. Now it is necessary to invest several divisions in the barren Northwest to fight the 8th Army. This... This is clearly a brain problem!