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    Tiet Kien Cuong stomped his foot and said: "It's still the same saying, there's a lot of oil in this oil field, it won't be exhausted for decades, we just haven't found the key to open the treasure yet!" Looking towards The person in charge of the oil field said, "Two A rigs, can you assemble them within a month and learn how to operate them within a month?"

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    Now, the giant dragon awakens again, and spits terrible fire tornadoes at the Japanese fighter planes that continuously torment its people. True to legend, no pilot could escape such an attack. The fire dragon penetrated the fuselage skin and exploded inside the transport plane. A large fireball erupted in the cramped passenger compartment, and the Japanese agents rolled into a ball that was finally separated. Not only was he separated from his companions, but his body was also separated. Hands belong to the arms and legs belong to the legs. A large pile of messy body parts erupted from the open hatch. The plane caught fire violently and quickly lost balance, tumbled, swayed and fell straight to the ground!

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    The 12th Army headquarters was moving rapidly south. On the way, Huang Kecheng had a fierce argument with Su Yu. Huang Kecheng's plan was to face the well-digging division at the north-south junction of Jiangsu, and at the same time prevent the Japanese from entering the Yanhuai area and causing too much damage. Yanhuai area, so it can no longer be said that A transfer is transfer. Su Yu believes that this is unrealistic. The new Fourth Army had never had the experience of directly confronting a fully staffed division of the Japanese army and repelling it. No one knows how much its fighting power has increased. In this situation, with two divisions and a brigade, plus some brother troops, there are more than 30,000 troops, it is too risky to overwhelm a division. by violence. His plan was to continue using militia and guerrillas to harass the Japanese, exhausting the Japanese, and at the same time letting the Japanese penetrate deep and hide the main force of the 12th Army. Or two or three isolated brigades. , forcing the Japanese to retreat.

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    The road from Taizhou to Diem Thanh was filled with smoke and dust, more than 200,000 Japanese infantry marched in a line to the north, in front was a battalion of tanks, a cavalry regiment galloping in parallel, following followed by a surprisingly large group of luggage. brigade, a large number of cars and carriages carrying supplies and ammunition of the entire division, as far as the eye could see, a terrifying yellow wave quickly appeared on the great Huanghuai Plain. This is one of the few large-scale military actions by the Japanese army occupying Jiangsu and Zhejiang since the Battle of Nanjing, a few years ago, a military action to destroy the joint Sino-American air base. built in the Zhejiang area and directly threatening mainland Japan are counted as one. That mobilization There were more than 70 brigades of the Japanese army, but this time only one division, one tank brigade and one cavalry regiment were mobilized for the new Fourth Army. At the same time, a regiment was mobilized from Lianyungang.

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    The crushed body hung on the parachute, staggering drifting towards this direction. Sophie looked at Tiet Man with a pale face, only to see this bold woman holding her head and bowing her head, still muttering: "I don't exist, you can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me..." Obviously, although this woman is fierce, it is normal to beat people to pieces, but in the final analysis, after all She also grew up in a peaceful environment. The first time she saw this bloody killing scene, her legs immediately became weak. Sophie was also very scared, but after all, she grew up during the war years, witnessed many killing scenes, and had much stronger psychological endurance than Xue Min. She hugged her tightly and said gently: “ Don't be afraid "Don't be afraid, the trees are so dense here, they can't see. "It's ours, don't be afraid, don't be afraid..."

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    So, what should you do when you feel the whistling sound? What? Cut throat? No, no, no, this is very unreliable. Even if their throat is cut, a person can still struggle for nearly a minute before losing consciousness. Enough time for it to get loud. The best way is to use a gun with a silencer to shoot Ya Lai at close range, and shoot here--yes, right here, pancreas, this Once the , part is shot, the person will lose consciousness within half a second, what a pain! After that, there was no chance of waking up. No muffler? Easy to do, feel and use the palm of your hand to hit the medulla. Hit hard, make sure he doesn't make a sound and it's over, or tie an empty magazine with a rope to his throat, ten seconds later it will be over. but it's most convenient to crash here... finished watching It? Kidney, use a knife to stab this part. There are no protective bones here, so you can rest assured. Once the knife is stabbed, the demon will lose consciousness before it feels pain. After that, do whatever you want, even if you throw it there, he will die. Because I lost too much blood! Their fingers were in the opponent's position, forming an assassination pose, and the stabbed person cooperated and let out a scream, and everyone laughed and talked happily. It's just... Trien Loi looks like it hurts my butt, it hurts so much!

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